Tuesday, 4 January 2011

La Lutte Continua!

Today someone handed me a copy of the very cool french culture mag "VoxPops" in which Andy & me are featured. We were asked over to Paris to discuss culture and politics, salon style , with Benoit Armand, the spokesperson for the French Parti Socialiste .

A nice guy and a reminder, if it's needed, that French political discourse is very different to what we have in the UK or US, the one-sided triumph of the ill . "I'm not here to save Capitalism" says Benoit " ...but to destroy it!".

A cool dude in his leather jacket, straight out of A Bout De Souffle, I can't imagine his equivalent in Britain ever saying anything like this, terrified as they are even to use the "S" word , still in thrall to the criminal gamblers who brought us to our knees and asked us to pay the bill. I felt like some neo-con when I said great art and public art were usually mutually self-exclusive , quoting the great soliloquy from Harry Lime in the Third Man . We are all cartoons. I look with envy at France, with its Puligny Montrachet ( '95, évidemment! ), unpasteurised cheeses and gorgeous boys and girls frolicking in teargas lobbed by vicious flics . The good life!


  1. The ‘criminal gamblers’ and their supporters manage to sell us the notion that the true (dreaded and dangerous) elites reside elsewhere – like in local governments, the media or universities. Meanwhile they are the underappreciated and oppressed mavericks. A brilliant act of deflection really – especially when someone else pays…


  2. Hey Jon, I realise that this is not the best place to post this comment, but I seem to be running out of options. If you wander over to pledge music's website you will see quite a number of people who are increasingly pissed off at the way that they are being treated by pledge music and Go4.

    A bunch of your fans/admirers pledged money to support your latest effort, and have heard nothing for months.

    No one at pledge music or Go4 seems to want to accept any responsibility for the fiasco that this has become. Pledge say that it's because you changed management 3 times, and you are strangely silent.

    Go on, go and take a look, maybe even give us an update on what our pledges have achieved. . .